• Become Pro-active

    Eat Healthy! I learned how getting the proper nutrition into the body enabled the body to heal itself on many different levels. The better I fed myself, the better I felt, the more I was able to move, and the happier I was all around.

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  • Enhance your Mind, Body & Spirit Health

    Balance mind body and spirit and bringing all of these together will build a connection to good overall health, wellness and longevity.

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  • Let’s talk mouth

    Oral and physical health are one in the same. Over the Lips and Through the Gums is food for thought to help people become more proactive in their health. Being abundantly healthy is a birthright, but not an entitlement.

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Do You Know?

  • 30

    Americans eat an average 100 lbs of sugar a year, thats 30 teaspoons a day!

  • 33

    Sodas contain 33 percent sugar, they are the #1 source of calories in an American’s Diet.

  • 100

    How many milligrams of sugar in a typical energy drink? More than you think, 100-180 mg!

  • 24

    How many grams of sugar in a typical energy bar? More than 24 grams.