PRESS RELEASE: Local Author Published New Book on the Great Depression

Local Author Publishes New Book on the Great Depression


Memoirs of Growing Up During the Great Depression

TheHarvestofTime_CindyHaas(Newswire – March 17th, 2014) Vancouver, Washington – Cindy Haas, RDHBS, CHHC Announces New Book. .Author Cindy Haas has just released her second book, a family memoir of life in the depression that spans multiple generations of dry land wheat farmers, from horse and buggy homesteading days through to the present with computerized technology coupled with modern agricultural practices.

Cindy’s childhood was different from most because her father had two professions. During 6 months of the year, he worked from sun up to sun down as a dry land wheat farmer near his hometown of Hingham, Montana. During winter months, Dad worked in the shipyards with a regular nine to five, five days a week job. The family moved back and forth between these two venues, joining Dad on the farm when school was out. Follow this family legacy of two different experiences growing up poor during the great depression, falling in love during World War II, and remaining married through sickness and health, and through good times and bad. While not a romance novel, it is a love story of soul mates staying together and still ballroom dancing in their eighth and ninth decades of life. Follow John and Ettie Jo’s formative years, early marriage, raising the family and life on the farm from the 1920’s to the present with a side note of how wheat farming the same acreage transitioned from the homesteading horse and buggy days through modern day computerized agricultural practices as the farm transitions with the time, and through the family.

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Cindy Haas, RDHBS, CHHC, has a BS in Dental Hygiene from Eastern Washington University, is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, is a member of the American Academy of Dental Hygiene (AADH), American Dental Hygiene Association (ADHA), Reiki II initiated and a member of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce. Cindy has previously published articles and editorials on holistic dental hygiene in a national dental hygiene professional magazine and spent 12 years as speaker and owner of Cindy Powell’s Board Review, which provided a 3-day comprehensive dental hygiene review to students, complete with a 400-page book that she wrote, to prepare for their 8-hour written exam. She offers accredited continuing education classes through the American Academy of Dental Hygiene.

Portland Oregon’s Cindy Haas believes we all have the right to be abundantly healthy. Learn from her journey from sickness to abundant health.

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