Merilee, Florence, Oregon

I read your book in a few hours and greatly enjoyed the information within. Your extra tips about chlorella and turmeric were very intersting. Your book is well written and informative for beginners and others on the path to better health.

Merilee, Florence, Oregon


Patty in Alaska

I really enjoyed reading your book and I gleamed a lot of good information from it.  Thank You Cindy.

Patty in Alaska

Candy, Milwaukie, OR

My teeth are really important to me, so when I saw a book by a dental hygienist, I went for it. It is so much more than that with advice and recipes I feel a friend is sharing with me.  Easy to read and put in to practice.

Milwaukie, OR


I would like to share my recent journey into plant based eating. Last Feb. I watched the DVD Forks Over Knives and my life was changed forever. The first thing I noticed was more energy.

I had been a life time member of Weight Watchers and without watching the scales, my weight just seemed to drop, losing 18 lbs. the first three months eating the best tasting food I have ever fixed. My blood pressure during that time went from 144/70 to 126/70 and I was able to discontinue 2 blood pressure meds. My blood profile showed everything to be in a good range. I look forward to my next Dr. appointment doing another blood profile just to see how I am doing. My skin is so much clearer. At my 4 month cleaning, my hygienist was amazed at how little plaque I had accumulated, which was a first!  I exercise 45-60 minutes a day. I just had my 80th birthday and people ask if I want to live forever. I tell them ‘no, I just want to feel the best I can while I am living.

Washington State

J. W. McFarland D.D.S.

Buy Over the LIps and Through the Gums Book!

It was my distinct good fortune to have had Cindy Haas as my co- professional for many years in my dental practice.  With both of us having good prior knowledge in nutrition, we applied it to our patients, along with other cutting edge data, with satisfying results in many cases.

Feeling that what we saw in the mouth was a reflection of what was occuring thru out the body was a strong signal to traditional dentistry that intervention was needed.  I am delighted that Cindy has gone well beyond where we were in acquiring necessary knowledge and has compiled it in an easy to understand primer to total health.
I highly recommend the book as your introduction to a more complete and healthy life for you and your family.

J. W. McFarland D.D.S.,

Vancouver, Washington

J. W. McFarland D.D.S.
Vancouver, Washington

Alison Adams

Cindy Haas is one a growing number of health professionals who has awoken from the myopic vision gifted by dental school training which regards the teeth, gums and mouth as being separate from the rest of the body.

She has realized the expanded reality surrounding dental – and general – health and recognizes that since the inception of ‘modern’ dentistry nearly two centuries ago we have been treating symptoms in dentistry and medicine without addressing underlying causes. This book acts as an introduction to the broader holistic view of the mouth as being part of a greater physical, emotional, mental and spiritual reality and recognizes that maintaining teeth for life is critical to good general health and is about more than brushing and flossing. It's an idea whose time has come and this book is an excellent and practical guide to the topic.


Alison Adams, DDS Naturopath
English DDS Naturopath


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