Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Glaros About Biological Dentistry

Found this amazing interview with Dr. Mercola. Interesting information! Give it a watch!
Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Glaros About Biological Dentistry



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Cindy Haas, RDHBS, CHHC, Reiki II
Cindy’s career as a dental hygienist transitioned from clinical practice to helping dental hygiene students prepare for their National Board Exam as owner of Cindy Powell’s Board Review. With a strong interest in holistic care, Cindy became a Certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NY. At IIN, Cindy was taught by some of our countries most progressive medical doctors with a mind, body, and spirit approach to wellness. Cindy is a member of the American Dental Hygiene Association, the American Academy of Dental Hygiene, the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and has level two Reiki Attunement.

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  1. eat cilantro..also Iodine and NAC helps mercury leave the body…there’s a
    new device just developed that uses ultrasound to grow teeth enamel.

  2. yea, let the people (oh which 95% can’t spell) control the money and the
    environment… Consider the ‘people’ are the ones allowing the BAD PEOPLE
    to manipulate them, consider that THESE easily manipulated people are the
    ones that would then run the country… Seriously, Gov’t is NEEDED, just
    NEW Gov’t. Saying GET RID OF THE FED is as ignorant as the problem itself.

  3. ‘Only a drug can cure a disease’, ‘only a chemical can kill a bacteria’ …
    LAW (not necessarily criminal) is what needs to be changed and understood
    within the political machine. Unfortunately, this allows corporations which
    are also governed by law to ‘make more profit yearly (or quarterly)’ BY ANY

  4. Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Glaros About Biological Dentistry Dr. Mercola
    Interviews Dr. Glaros About Biological Dentistry

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