Fluoride Discussion with Dr. Mercola and Dr. Osmunson

This is a great discussion on fluoride I found online with Dr. Mercola and Dr. Osmunson. Check it out!

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Cindy Haas, RDHBS, CHHC, Reiki II
Cindy’s career as a dental hygienist transitioned from clinical practice to helping dental hygiene students prepare for their National Board Exam as owner of Cindy Powell’s Board Review. With a strong interest in holistic care, Cindy became a Certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NY. At IIN, Cindy was taught by some of our countries most progressive medical doctors with a mind, body, and spirit approach to wellness. Cindy is a member of the American Dental Hygiene Association, the American Academy of Dental Hygiene, the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and has level two Reiki Attunement.

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  1. I avoid that crap like the plague. Have had doctors get REALLY mad at me
    for not giving it to my kids. Tough shit I say, my kids have beautiful
    teeth, strong bones and are in all AP classes so I guess it is safe to
    assume they are pretty smart! People need to stop blindly following and
    start actually wanting to know, wanting to research, wanting the truth!
    Stop allowing yourselves to have your ideas fed to you, “They” do not have
    your best interest at heart!

  2. I accept everything, but there is no way that’s a month worth of
    toothpaste. If it says pea-size amount, I can fit no more than 5 peas on my
    toothbrush. Having said that, I only use a mouthwash of baking soda,
    hydrogen peroxide and tea treee oil and I brush and floss.

  3. Extremely informative video – thank you. I use a reverse osmosis water
    filter to remove the fluoride from the water in Auckland New Zealand plus I
    use a fluoride-free toothpaste.

  4. I would really appreciate references to the studies which show a drop in IQ
    with water flouridation- it is all well and good stating studies, but
    studies are of very varying quality.

  5. Good info I switched to fluoride FREE toothpaste. Today, I know am not
    poisoning my family with fluoride. You can get this great aloe vera tooth
    gel at gel-aloe.com

  6. As the late George Carlin said, Americans are being screwed by their own
    system that can only keep going to wars justified or unjustified to keep
    their war economy going. So the fluoridation is just a way to dummified
    the population and keep their health hijacked and paralysed. So their
    medical care and insurance cost goes higher and higher. Only a few benefit
    from this system. It is called democracy. LOL!

  7. I just had a big discussion with my holistic dentist today…I teach people
    all about health and wellness through food and I am on a MISSION now to
    share this! Thanks Mercola, luv you even more now :)

  8. Wish they would remove fluoride from major cities in North America. I
    heard Dallas just voted down a measure to remove it. Perhaps in the

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